Worthing Blinds Company

Worthing based blinds company and blind installation specialists.

The Brighton & Hove Blind Company provide efficient blind installation and repair services to Worthing and surrounding areas. Whether it’s your home that needs new blinds or your office building in the Worthing area looking to have professional blinds with expert installation, we offer end to end blind styles and installation. We also service schools and other public buildings in the Worthing area.

Blind Installers, Blind repairs and blind styling services in Worthing.

The Brighton & Hove Blind Company offer the complete installation of your blinds and any blind repairs you may require in the Worthing area. We work with homes of any size, department stores, hotels, commercial buildings, retail, residential buildings, schools and construction companies in this area. We offer the following services in Worthing:

  • Full installation of blinds in your home or office

  • Comprehensive blind styling options

  • Repairs of your blinds

  • Measuring your windows for blind installation

  • Venetian Blind Installation

  • Roller Blind Installation

  • Blackout Blind Installation

All clients based in the Worthing area will be allocated a dedicated account manager.


We offer free (no obligation) quote for residents and businesses in the Worthing area. If you have an idea of a service we may be able to help with you can email us or if you would like a conversation to discuss further, you can contact us to discuss your requirements and can arrange a quotation over the phone. Please use the ‘contact us’ to arrange a quotation.

Weekly client visits in the Worthing Area

We offer weekly on-site visits to the Brighton area for all of our clients. The Brighton & Hove Blind Company can also supply removal of your existing blinds or curtains throughout any project to all blind installation clients in the Worthing area. Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements to see how we can help you with ensuring your premises or home is a relaxing and comfortable space with the perfect balance of light and dark tailored to each and every room.

We offer blind installations and blind repair services to a range of homes and buildings, including:

We supply clients with a variety of blind install and repair services (including disposal and consultations before and after) in the Worthing area. Our clients stretch across the following industries:

  • Restaurants & Bars

  • Hotels

  • Corporate & Finance

  • Leisure & Spa’s

  • Commercial Premises

  • Department Stores

  • Residential Homes

  • Commercial & Retail business

  • Travel, Holiday & Tourism business

  • Small Installation Projects

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