School Blinds

Would you like your school to feel as safe as the hospitals when it comes to COVID19 protection? Here at The Brighton and Hove blind company, and with over 20 years of experience, we appreciate that the safety of your staff and pupils is very important to you. Unlike other companies – We don’t simply just fit blinds. We are unique and appreciate that each school has different needs that are specific to them. We currently fit our NHS hospitals with Covid19 protective blinds, these are the same that we have to offer you.

The PVC roller is a wipe-clean, heat reflective blind we can fit anywhere within your school. We have 15 different colours available, which gives you different options in each room. Our product is very robust and will last between 5-10 years. We also offer a lead time of just 7-10 days and can offer fitting times before or after school openings. As we are a company who manufactures the blinds ourselves, the prices are extremely competitive and we offer great aftercare.

Our window blind fabrics are anti-microbial and made from natural and synthetic material which helps to reduce risks not only from COVID 19 but also germ-caused illnesses. Such material immediately kills bacteria and other germs that come into contact with them. This helps to keep your school sterile. In a school environment with pupils who are young and with less attention to hygiene, our hospital blinds will help with keeping them safe.

Additionally, they are easy to clean. Time and cost of maintaining them are saved and the cleaner they are the safer it is for both the pupils and staff during the COVID 19 pandemic. All you have to do is wipe them. Not only are they safe but also cost-effective. Getting the NHS hospital blinds from The Brighton and Hove blind company is one of the best COVID 19 safety measures you can take to keep your pupils and staff members safe.

Our blinds have other benefits that are non-covid 19 related too. These are such as they can help save cost on energy since they allow enough amount of natural light into the school facility, they provide better ventilation saving costs on air conditioning and give your school a more professional look.